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Bird of the Day - Loggerhead Shrike : 7 July 2024

Along Upmtanum Road - Ellensburg, WA in the early morning hours I spotted my first Loggerhead Shrike of the year. The Shrike was a bird I was so excited for the first time after hearing the bird described in The Big Year. I love that movie. One day, I hope to have a big adventure like they did in The Big Year.

I believe adventures or hobbies like bird watching lend life purpose. Not in any big meaning of life sort of way, but in smaller ways which can open you up to the world around you. Bird watchers are able to find enjoyment, even excitement in locations others would find mundane or uninviting. A cross country trip for me would be filled with new birds whereas someone else might see endless bordom looking out across the grasslands.


The Loggerhead Shrike is a remarkable example of nature's diversity, combining the physical characteristics of a songbird with the hunting prowess of a raptor. Its striking appearance, unique behavior, and adaptability make it a fascinating species to observe and study. However, its declining population highlights the need for continued conservation efforts to ensure that this intriguing bird remains a part of North America's natural heritage.

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